See how real dry eye sufferers are living comfortably with SYSTANE®.

Suzanne Overhulse

“I suffer from chronic dry eye. I have had several corrective eye surgeries, as well as cataracts. My eyes are extremely dry. I have used every eye drop prescribed, with little to no relief. Then I found a coupon for SYSTANE® in my Sunday paper. I bought the Gel Drops. They work well, and I can’t believe I can buy over the counter!”

Mary Ann Metherd

“I was having problems with my eyes and my eye doc said it was from [my] eyes being dry and recommended SYSTANE® drops. Problem solved and now no more problems or scratchy dryness. Highly recommend.”

Sharon Sanford

“This really is a good product. I keep it by my bed, in the living room and in my purse.”



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As a mountain climber, Lisa Thompson exposes her eyes to some extreme elements. But to get to the summit safely, she can’t be distracted by dry, irritated eyes. See why she won’t climb without SYSTANE®.